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Susan's advice has been sought out by magazines such as: Cosmo, Complete Woman, & Elle!

                                                    She's a Soul Woman:

She's a Soul Woman | by Ike Crumpler | Staff Writer

Whenever woes arise in a love relationship, everyone from the experts to the least experienced seems to offer the same solution. The suggestion usually means starting off with the universally feared phrase, "We need to talk. " But when it's Susan Bradley's turn to take the podium among the 100-plus speakers at the Annual Whole Life Exposition and Conference, don't expect the obvious.

"Everyone says, ‘You have to have better communication in a relationship." she said. "And I find that so pathetically cliche it makes me ill."

Whoa. Pretty strong sentiment for someone who authored a book titled, "How to Be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex". Sure, it might sound like a collection of beauty tips and lessons in alluring body language. But by "Irresistible", Bradley's talking about something more, a state of mind.

"Everyday that you wake up and you aren't covered in pain, or maybe you are covered in pain, but not in a coma or the obituaries, it's an irresistible day."

Bradley's attitude would no doubt please her peers planned to speak at the conference on holistic health and spiritual growth, send a smile over Norman Vincent Peale's lips and launch Barney into song and dance. Nevertheless, don't think Bradley a delusional puppet spouting affirmations. She forged a positive attitude from personal pain.

"I know the opposite of irresistible, it's called irritable, actually it's worse than that, " she said.

A painful divorce rife with rage left the mother of a teenage daughter with an emotional limp - for a time. Seeking solace, she left her steady nursing career to pursue one in music as a harp player. Although the venture made little noise in the music world monetarily, Bradley found an outlet for the stringed instrument by playing it for patients in therapy. Still, she felt her insight into the human psyche of love needed deeper tapping.

"One day I said, "God, how do you want me to teach this?"

The "this" in question was what Bradley calls the Eight Levels of Love, which start with fear and finish with the Realm of Miracles.

"Talk of miracles in love can alienate cynics of the heart, most of who doubt their ability to find a decent date. But Bradley knows the lovelorn's catchall complaints. Most people, Bradley said, struggle courting companions because flirting is foreign to us all.

"Your parents didn't teach you how to flirt and if your mother tried to teach you how to flirt you probably wouldn't listen.

Oh honey, just drop the hanky

," she added in a voice adjusted to mimic that of an elderly woman from Manhattan.

Either on her radio show, her website ( or her seminars, with the latter providing the best setting, Bradley leads her listeners through a series of flirting exercises.

Women get coaxed into proclaiming their irresistibly and the men are lead through a series of announcing their want for a committed relationship.

Soul mates exist out there for the lonely, Bradley said. But they don't exactly come to those who wait.

"So many people are looking for their soul mate today, "she said. "If you believe that God wants you to have a soul mate, you will. But that doesn't mean sitting in your house saying,

God, send me a soul mate

. All you'll meet that way is the pizza delivery man, the mail carrier, a bill collector and a Jehovah's Witness."

Bradley penned her 35 tips for finding a soul mate in her book. The inclusion earned her some ridicule from a certain late night talk show host, who knows all too well himself about being the brunt of jokes. Nevertheless, Bradley took it how else? - with a positive, irresistible attitude.

"It ended up on the Jay Leno Show, three nights in a row," she said of the kind of press most advertisers would maim for. "He couldn't get over it. It was fun."

If Leno and his panel of writers found fun in Bradley's tips for finding a soul mate, imagine what they'd make of her advice on what to do with one after you have them.

"At the moment when you feel the most in love with them, tell them everything about you past, your present, everything that might scare them away," she said. "If that person is still there when you're done, that person is a potential soul mate."

While all this might sound like enough info to get far in the search for a mate, Bradley offered an extra point to ponder when debating whether or not to attend the expo.

"You never know," she said, "your soul mate could be there."

Meet Susan Bradley

Award-winning author, Susan Bradley has been featured in Complete Woman, The Discovery Channel, Cosmo, and appeared on Hard Copy, 48 Hours, CNN and Montel.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to decide who you can trust. was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. I took just one of Susan's classes in Chicago at the Discovery Center and couldn't help myself. She was so much fun and I learned so much, so quickly that I took ALL of her classes!” Chris Kostoff, Indiana

I found Susan by accident when I bought her first book: "How to be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex" and asked if there was a second book. Somehow, she intuitively knew that I needed some coaching too. Without her really focusing in on Falling in Love with myself, my life, & my love partner...I would still be working for someone else, unappreciated and still be in a very dysfunctional marriage. Thankyou Susan!

Chris Parks of Atlanta, Host of the Don't Kill Yourself Today Show on iTunes.

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