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Compliments of:

              Susan Bradley

Say this out loud. Put this on your refridge so that it will remind you to find your soulmate NOW, not someday!

* I have a Flirter's Flair. I connect easily with others on a daily basis.

* People want to get to know the real me.

* I do not let the little voice in my head stop me from meeting someone that I want to meet.

* I regularly include and invite people into my life.

* I take advantage of all the flirting opportunities around me.

* I notice when others are trying to connect with me.

* I make an effort to respond in a fun way even if I am not interested.

* I am open to finding my soulmate by flirting.

* I am open to allowing my "Inner Flirt" out to play.

* I practice connecting with others everywhere I go.

* I practice engaging and disengaging with others.

* I always find something to compliment about the people I meet.

* I always ask if my prospect is single when I am flirting.

* I remember to use non-verbal language such as a light touch on the arm to keep my subject interested.

* I always have fun while flirting.

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