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Retreats & Events


Sat. FEB 18 th SF Bay Area 

Meet new single friends at this fun seminar on how to Flirt & Not Look LIke You are in Heat  

Perfect if you are just re-entering the dating scene and want to learn how to flirt in fun sophisticated ways. 

7:00 -10 pm -- Led by Susan Bradley of 

Optional Apres Course Mixer 10p -Midnight -- COST: $35/advance or $50/door.

LOCATION: A Popular Union Square Restaurant.



Flirtfest! Singles Party, as featured on Oprah

Meet new single friends at this annual fun party, as featured on Oprah! Adults of all ages welcome. Dressy attire requested for this elegant hotel. Friday, August 3, 2012. 


- Entertaining Keynote Address on "Art of Flirting."


- Flirting Contest, with prizes. You can compete for the title of Mr. or Ms. Bay Area Flirt, or just sit back and be entertained.


- Dance to your favorite hits.

COST: $15/advance (by Aug 2) or $20/door.

LOCATION: Marriott Hotel, 2600 Bishop Ranch Dr, San Ramon CA 94583. From Hwy 680 take Bollinger Canyon Rd exit east; L on Sunset; L on Bishop. Paid parking at hotel or free parking at nearby shopping center.


The Society of Single Professionals

, the worlds largest non-profit singles organization; and by

The Professionals Guild

, another large singles organization. Expect a huge crowd!



Please join us at our next event!

Find Your Soulmate by Breaking Through Love &                               Abundance Barriers

Get Ready to Fall in Love, with Yourself, Your Life, & Your Partner (even if you are still single)

Date: TBA

Time: 6PM Fri to 6pm Sun

Location: Somewhere on the California Coast in a luxury hotel or vacation rental

Tuition covers: Lodging & Most Meals

Stay in a Spanish Colonial Mansion overlooking Monterey Bay or a tucked away Big Sur Retreat with gourmet meals and breakthrough your 5 Love Barriers to make your relationship STRESS FREE!

This is a deep-dish course that will open your eyes to relationships in ways that you have never imagined.

Learn to love yourself enough to attract the kind of partner that would be capable of meeting you on every level. 

Breaking Through Love Barriers process arose from my own journey to love and loving.

Experience Soulmate Love, Heal Heartache, Break Through Your Love Barriers For Singles and Couples (For Heterosexuals and Gays)

We invite you to join us for a retreat weekend with others who are also looking to explore and create a juicy stress-free relationship. Invest in a weekend towards your future success and happiness.

with Susan Bradley RN, author of How to be Irresistible to the Opposite Sex, Irresistible Prescriptions for Love, and Breaking Through Love Barriers. Susan is also the founder of

Event Dates:

Twice per year and on request

Tuition & Other Information:

  • $2,497 (life-changing seminar, most meals, and overnight lodging for Friday and Saturday)
  • To save $500.00 with the early registration discount , register 30 days in advance.
  • Payment plans accepted.
  • MasterCard and Visa also accepted.
  • Call 1-831-238-6111 to see if this retreat is truly for you or not.

PART II—Free 15 minute Consultation With Susan Bradley

If you are unsure how this course will benefit your life, I invite you to have a FREE 15 minute phone consultation with me, personally. During this enjoyable 15 minutes, we will discuss relationship issues and at the end, you may find that you have some great answers. You will be able to choose powerfully—without pressure—whether this retreat (or perhaps a different seminar) meets your needs. I guarantee this.

Call 1-831-238-6111 for your consultation now. When it comes to living life fully, you have no time to procrastinate.

Testimonial: Saving Your Relationship Letter from Renee

This retreat weekend can save your love life, prevent a break-up or divorce and help you to choose the best path for you. The following letter was written by a couple who nearly got a divorce but are choosing to stay together powerfully. This could be you.


Dear Susan, I don't think I've ever been so at peace with myself. I knew (hoped) that this course would help to open eyes, but what I didn't know is that it would open my heart. I finally see my husband as having true feelings and very emotional (vulnerable) and not as only being so strong and able to deal with anything. For the first time, I understand how bad I hurt him and how unfair it was to always blame him for not being able to make me happy. I know that this is a new beginning for us. I hope that we will continue to grow, learn, love, dream and share. My one wish is that we can become best friends and show our kids how to get along so that they can have healthy relationships and not make the same mistakes that we did. I want them to prevent issues that can destroy their relationships. I am so thankful we came here, for the first time in a long time, I know that I made the right decision.

* Susan, When I heard you on the radio, I felt as if you were only talking to me. --calling me, telling me, I CAN SHOW YOU THE WAY. I have such an admiration for you that words can hardly begin to describe it. I know God put you on this earth to show his love through you. I know you must have had a rocky road to get all of this wisdom and I thankyou and I love you so much.

Renee of Renee and Kenneth

Two months later, Renee reported that their relationship keeps on getting better and that there are surprising side benefits: She now has long nails, since the workshop she hasn't bitten her nails for the first time in her life. Her husband used to suffer from insomnia and keep her awake and he is so peaceful now they both get sleep. And one of her daughters attitude remarks on her report card improved 100%.)

I can't know ahead of time the benefits that you will personally receive for your time and money in this retreat. I will say based on reports from past participants that it can and will positively impact your work life, your relationships, your health, your happiness, and your career & finances.

PART IV—More Love Barrier Information

This course is designed to allow you to recognize and dismantle love barriers that prevent you and the people in your life from giving and receiving love. Everyone has 5 love barriers no matter how transformed they are. How severely they limit your life will depend on how willing you are to recognize where they come from and how severely they affect your life. Love barriers appear can appear early as the first date while others won't reveal themselves until the 3rd, 7th or even the 9th year of a relationship. Being prepared to handle all the different types of love barriers will prepare you for success in all of your relationships. As people mature and/or have children, certain love barriers are triggered. Most disagreements in a relationship come from each individual's love barriers clashing with each other. Some love barriers may be inherited while others are incident based.

The results of the course occur by creating a safe and nurturing space for everyone in the room to express themselves with emotional honesty while protecting everyone's confidentiality.

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