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Are you Terminally Single (TM)?  It's not a disease unless you want to find love and something just keeps getting in the way.

If you are ready to explore the hidden reason why you are still single or have relationship patterns that aren't serving you, then schedule some time with America's most loved Relationship Coach, Susan Bradley via phone or in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
  Get your love life back on track..
What better place than Carmel-by-the-Sea! or in the comfort of your own home via phone.

Be prepared to be asked some insightful questions to dig beneath the surface.
 Susan will help you Fall in Love with YOURSELF, Your Life, & Your Soulmate.  This is for you if are unhappy about any portion of your life and you WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW!
Susan's clients have doubled & tripled their income and FOUND LOVE. You can too.
Email: [email protected] for more info. Client dishes on coaching with Susan.
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DISCOVERY CHANNEL: Do you Flirt? Just in time to find Drama-Free Love in 2012.


Weekend Retreat:
  April 13-15th : Breaking Through Love & Abundance Barriers. Only 5 Spaces left. 
Call 1-888-424-0180 to find out if this weekend is for you!
Testimonials from previous Retreat Participants:

CHECK OUT the Luxurious Retreat Location for April.
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April Retreat Location: SeavueRetreat Location Carmel, CA Vacation Rental
4 Bedroom 3 Bath Exclusive Ocean View Vacation Home set on 3/4 acre with Hot Tub, Decks, Waterfall, Indoor + Outdoor Fireplace in Carmel, CA

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1. How to Fall in Love with Yourself, Your Life, & Your Soulmate
2. How to Partner & Prosper in the RIGHT Relationship for YOU.
3. Make your Relationship-DRAMA-FREE
4. How to Fall in Love with Your Body.
4. How to & Not Look Like You are in Heat!
5.  Are you Terminally Single (tm) ?                

HI!  Susan Bradley here with my partner, Al. We want YOU to Fall in Love with YOURSELF, YOUR LIFE, & Your Life Partner!
We want you to fall in Love in AGAIN!
Fall in Love with yourself, Your Life, & Your Life Partner!
  with Drama-Free Love, Susan & Al
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Billy sent us this hilarious video asking us to help him with his marriage. Our show will be helping him find the love he deserves.
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Do you want a Drama-Free Relationship? Billy shows you how. (funny)
Billy nearly hurts himself pondering the true meaning of love and what it will take to have
DooDad, hcg, Loving UniversitySOUL MATES   

Do you want to know if someone is truly your soulmate? Do you know how ready you are to find your soulmate? 
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There are two different types of Soulmates, can you tell?
Which one is best for you?
Do you have more than one soulmate?  Take the Soulmate Test to find out more.
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